Oct 122007
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It was only 3 days ago that I reported that my Yuwie referral tree had hit 300 members (actually 302). Well, today I checked into my Yuwie account only to discover that I’ve now hit 400! Wow!

I present this here not just to celebrate, but also as an example of what a great program Yuwie is. I’ve been saying since I joined that all one really needs to do with Yuwie is get the first few referrals and from there on out everything is gravy. Well, here’s your proof!

Remember, if you join Yuwie make sure it states when you sign up that your referrer is Aahz, then drop me a message through the Yuwie system and I’ll even help you promote your page and get some referrals of your own. And if you are already a Yuwie member but it hasn’t been performing too well for you (and you don’t already have too many refs) then you are allowed to close your account and make a new one under me to gain the benefits of my advice.

Part of the Yuwie Series - Previous in series        Next in series

  3 Responses to “Yuwie Referral Tree Jumps To 400!”

  1. Hi,

    I read your blog and wonder about your work. What can you do for this? I’m quite new in Yuwie and didn’t know how to create my referal tree. If you referral tree is excess 10 level. Please add me to be your team. Please!!!

    i’m looking forward to hear from you by email. Thanks

  2. Alas, I have no secret Haru 🙁

    I just got in early and promoted the heck out of it. Sorry I don’t have time to email you, but all my Yuwie efforts need to go to those people in my downline in order to keep us earning the crumbs Yuwie’s been handing out lately.

  3. Always good to learn about new things. Thanks

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