Oct 122007

I always have to laugh when I hear people describe anarchists as violent. I’ve been very much anti-gun since late in my high school years. That doesn’t mean I’m, in any way, pro-gun control, just that I don’t personally like guns. I believe, absolutely, in every person’s right to defend themselves, their family, and their property. If they feel that defense requires a firearm then I’m all for it. But, despite my personal feelings, I’ve been thinking of training Z to shoot. The first step may well come with the gift of one of Pyramyd Air’s airsoft guns.

I’m currently leaning towards the Clear Walther P22 Special Operations. This is a clear 6mm pistol that fires plastic BBs. Although it’s spring loaded it mimics an actual pistol fairly well, including that it has a 20 round clip and a safety. It’s also very reasonably priced, and I was always a fan of Walther’s before I decided that guns and I should not really mix.

Speaking of reasonably priced… Pyramyd will give anyone who finds an error on their website a coupon good for 5% of their order. This is a great idea for any ecommerce business to adopt as having typos in your web based store is as bad as having illiterate employees in your retail storefront.

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