Oct 122007

As y’all know I’ve been a pretty happy member of PayPerPost for about 3 months now. (If you’re not sure what PayPerPost is, then check out my The King Of Paid To Blog Networks.) I’ve been happily plugging along writing sponsored posts for $5 a pop most of the time, getting excited about the occasional $7 or $10 post. Well, it looks like that’s about to change…

PayPerPost has had a problem with the Alexa rankings of blogs not properly updating in their system for many, many months now. They are aware of the problem and recommend logging out of youraccount, logging back in and waiting a few days to see if the stats update. I’ve done that numerous times as my Alexa ranking decreased from 750,000 to its current 350,000, but my numbers never updated. I didn’t worry about it too much until today. I was poking around looking at the offers that I was not eligible for and noticed quite a few that had no Google PR requirement (PR hasn’t updated since before I started Philaahzophy), but an Alexa below 500,000. And these offers were in the $10-$20 range, rather than my usual $5-$10 range.

A quick help ticket to “customer love” explaining my current stats and that I’d tried the self-help suggestion resulted in them correcting my stats. Instantly I had twice as many opportunities available to me and for quite a bit more cash as well. I only wish I’d waited on a recent $5 post so I could grab another of these $10+ ones instead. The moral of the story – make sure your PPP stats are accurate!

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