Oct 112007

I’ve said it before and I’ll likely say it again…

gov-ern-ment [?gav?m?nt] noun

An organization whose primary purpose is to reward its friends while simultaneously punishing its enemies.

Sure, that’s not what the dictionary says, but we all know dictionaries, like history, are written by “the man” 😉 The latest example of this truer definition of government comes to us from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) via Wired magazine

The Government Accountability Office says the agency tips off some people with business before the commission in advance about what items are coming up for a vote, usually before the public is notified.

“Situations where some, but not all, stakeholders know what FCC is considering for an upcoming vote undermine the fairness and transparency of the process and constitute a violation of FCC’s rules,” the GAO said.

It only took the GAO a year (and untold stolen tax dollars) to come to the conclusion, once again, that the government’s primary purpose has little to do with helping “the people” and everything to do with rewarding its friends.

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  1. That’s a subtle way of thniknig about it.

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