Oct 112007

I’m slowly starting to pick up some regular readers (thanx everyone!) and realize that Philaahzophy can come off as a bit unfocused. People may be interested in my thoughts on earning online, but not on the personal posts about Z. Or they may be interested in the anarchistic theory, but not care at all about PTR programs or my Yuwie successes. Of course, while reading the blog directly the tags and Category menu should solve these problems for most, but that still leaves those who read via RSS stuck with many posts they may have no interest in. Hence the latest upgrade to Philaahzophy…

I now have Category Specific RSS feeds for the following categories: Aahz (personal posts), Disc Golf, Anarchy (political posts), Earning Online, Personal Finance, and Webmastering. Each category feed will carry all of the subcategories as well. So Aahz will contain all Fatherhood and Disc Golf posts, and Anarchy will contain Case Studies, Living Free, etc.

All of the feeds will be available on the new Category Feeds page as well.

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  1. good luck in your quest to organize your blog…I always wanted to do that but never managed to do it 😳

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