Oct 102007
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One of the most insidious thefts of our labor is the sales tax. We go to work everyday to earn a living to support our families and the government straight up steals 30% (or more) of our labor through income taxes. Then, whenever we take what’s left and try to buy the goods we need for our families they tack on a sales tax (in most states) to everything we buy. In my area this is an extra 8.25% on every single purchase! But, with a little effort you can get companies to essentially refund your sales tax back to you.

Everyone knows you can save money by clipping the coupons from the Sunday paper, but did you know that you can actually turn a profit? The hard way to earn a profit from couponing is to use the coupons to buy things really cheap then resell them either at the local flea market or on eBay. But the smart way is even easier…

  1. Get the newspaper every Sunday
  2. Save the coupon supplements
  3. Visit CouponMom.com each week to see what items you can profit on
  4. Clip appropriate coupons
  5. “Shop”

Here are a few examples from this week-


  • Pepcid Max Strength AC or Complete 8 ct.–FREE after mail in rebate of $3.99, sale price $3.99, earn $1 if you have the coupon


  • Aquafresh Gel Flex Toothbrush, earn $1 after $2.49 mail in rebate and newspaper coupon
  • Aquafresh Advanced toothpaste 5.6 oz, earn $1 after $2.49 mail in rebate and newspaper coupon
  • Pepcid Maximum Strength AC Acid Reducer 8 ct, earn $1 after $3.99 Mail in Rebate and newspaper coupon

Sure, these few extra bucks a week aren’t going to make you rich, but the extra effort is very minimal (you’re going shopping anyway) and you can save even more money through using the other coupons as well. I’ve been doing this for about six months now and the savings and earnings end up turning me a tiny profit over my sales tax expenses.

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