Oct 092007

While baking cookies on Thursday night with Z we were discussing political philosophy once again (we tried existential philosophy previously and she pretty much hated it). She had seen several Ron Paul signs recently posted around Morgan Hill and asked me more about his background. When I mentioned he’d previously run for President as a Libertarian she questioned me further on what that meant. I explained that the two basic premises of Libertarianism are private property and avoiding the initiation of force. I expected further discussion on the former, but it was the latter that piqued her interest, so we ran with it.

I started to explain that the government doesn’t do anything without the initiation of force (or the threat thereof), but she quickly grasped the concept that if you don’t follow the law men with guns will knock on your door and force you to either comply with their demands or suffer further violence from them. Then she had an epiphany which became a startling revelation to me as well – “Libertarians don’t exist!” Essentially, the thought process goes sumthin’ like this…

  • Libertarians disavow the initiation of force in all situations.
  • The government cannot operate as a government without the initiation of force.
  • Therefore Libertarians must truly be anarchists (against all government).
  • Therefore Libertarians are a myth!

From the mouths of babes…

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