Oct 082007

I came across a fascinating project late last week: The Nazareth Cross. This is an attempt to build the world’s largest cross in nazareth jerusalem. The cross will be 60 meters high and hold a 15 story high church in its center as well as a massive visitor center, and will become the entrance point to Nazareth Village, an archaeological park recreating Nazareth as it appeared in the time of Jesus.

Their nazareth history page points out that 35% of the population of this city is Christian while 65% is Muslim. I find it exceedingly odd that a minority of the population is hoping to create a towering religious structure that will overshadow the majority of the population, but they seem to be doing it all with volunteer donations, so more power to them. What I find even more odd is that, according to this page, there are no Jews in the birthplace of “The King Of The Jews”.

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