Oct 082007

I opened part one of this weekend’s report with the statement that I was physically unable to write this earlier. Then I never really pointed out why. Well, here’s your answer…

Emboldened by our successful french toast endeavor, Z and I headed up to Hellyer Park in San Jose to play our first round of disc golf with her new discs. Last weekend, before we headed to the hospital we stopped and picked up some specific discs for Z to train with:

  1. Driver – Innova Champion Sidewinder 150g
  2. Midrange – Discraft Elite Z Glide 167g
  3. Putter – Lightning Rubber Putter 168g

She did remarkably better than in our first outing and we both enjoyed the day much more. We only did nine holes because I was getting hungry and we were both getting tired. But Z shot a 48, while I shot a 35 with my Discraft Spectra which I am really not liking at all anymore. Z was only 7 strokes behind me until she fell apart on the last hole and started beating herself up, causing her to take a 12. She actually beat me on two holes and tied me on two others.

We headed into downtown for a lunch of the best burgers in the Bay Area at a little hole in the wall called Burgers on Santa Clara St in downtown. We both highly recommend their food and great service. Then we cruised on down to Santa Cruz for the first night of the Pirates of Emerson Invade The Boardwalk which is the Boardwalk’s Halloween event. Since Girl Scouts were canceled we ended up arriving about 5 hours early, so played around in the arcade for a bit then wandered the streets of Santa Cruz and explored the Municipal Wharf which Z has frequently seen, but never actually visited before. As a result I could barely walk by the end of the day.

Saturday was the Discraft Ace Race which would be our first official disc golf tournament. Essentially, this is a promotional event and wide beta test for one of Discraft’s latest discs. Every player gets two prototype Discraft discs, a Discraft hat, and a special mini. They then play a shortened course only making a single throw. You only score by getting an Ace (hole in one) or a hit (hitting any part of the basket). Otherwise you just score a zero on the hole, pick up your disc and head to the next tee.

We figured this would be a good first event for us because expectations were fairly low (the winner only had one ace and two hits) and we only had to make 36 throws. But the group at Hellyer Park decided to throw both discs on every hole, so we got expanded to 72 throws, not to mention three treks around the course. We both had a grand time and we got to play in a threesome with Doug Korns, who is both a 30 year disc golf vet and a member of the Silicon Valley Disc Golf Club‘s Board of Directors. We all had a great time despiting Doug scoring the single hit on our card. However, I was once again barely able to move once the course was done.

Still, we headed over to the Hellyer Park 10th Anniversary barbecue afterwards at Parque De La Raza. Chow was much enjoyed and after about an hour’s rest for my legs Z, Doug and I played in the 9 hole mini disc golf tournament as well. It was a lot of fun and incredibly challenging as well. I ended up four over for the course (+7), and Z ended up ten over (+13) – once again, not bad at all for our first outing. They had several other games at the barbecue, but our favorite was the Ring of Fire where basically everyone circles a single basket and putts simultaneously. It was a blast despite neither Z nor I making a single putt.

In fact, we had so much fun during the day that we ignored our budget and both became SVDGC members on the spot!

Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Total
Length 132 112 182 153 248 149 157 217 ?
Z 3 6 4 4 6 3 6 4 12 48
Length 267 255 253 275 330 212 223 233 ?
Aahz 4 4 4 4 4 5 3 3 4 35

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