Oct 082007

It’s taken me an extra day or so to write up my usual weekend report because I was simply physically unable to write it earlier. For some reason Z was out of school on Friday – despite progress reports just coming out the teachers apparently needed an entire day off school to “complete paperwork” and “grade papers”. So I was able to pick her up Thursday evening instead of Friday.

Z was scheduled to bring the snack to her Girl Scout meeting on Friday evening, so we spent Thursday night baking. I’d purchased some Peanut Butter cookie mix a few months back so we decided to make cookies and stopped by the store to pick up eggs and chocolate chips to make the cookies a bit more interesting. Alas, although both Z and I had “helped” make cookies before neither of us had been in charge in the past (or apparently paid much attention beyond our individual responsibilities. According to the package we had enough dough to make 44 cookies. We ended up with about 25 “cookies”. Cookies is in quotes because while what we made was perfectly edible, they certainly didn’t look like cookies.

The first problem was that the dough just wasn’t mixing right. It was far chunkier then either of us expected cookie dough to look like. So, we added an extra egg to make it a little creamier. But we still had problems forming the dough into balls, so when we cooked the first batch they ended up being way too thick and getting overcooked (just shy of burned) on the bottom, with the center’s still being too doughy. The second test batch all kind of fell apart in the cooking process. The third batch actually looked pretty much like cookies, but there were only about 10 of them, so not nearly enough to supply snacks for the Girl Scout troops. Clearly, baking cookies is a skill we need to continue developing. We ended up returning to the store, buying brownie mix, and leaving me out of the kitchen entirely while Z made a tray of brownies. They looked and smelled good, but the meeting got canceled and they got taken to church instead, so I have no idea how they actually turned out.

Friday morning we headed back into the kitchen. This time we were going to try our hand at cooking french toast for breakfast. Again, we’d both “helped” make French Toast before, but neither of us had actually made it ourselves. Z insisted that the “batter” ingredients were eggs, milk, cinnamon and sugar. I was down with the first three, but unsure about adding sugar. So I headed to Google and checked the first four results for “french toast recipe”. Only one included sugar. We went with 3 eggs, 1/2 cup milk, some cinnamon, and a tiny touch of sugar. Again we had problems getting the batter well mixed, so we added a touch more milk. It turned out wonderfully!

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