Oct 032007

I didn’t blog about my weekend with Z because it was unexpectedly cut short. Her mother went into labor Friday night and I took Z to the hospital late Saturday morning (after the Memory Walk and a brief stop for some new disc golf discs). Despite the doctor’s breaking X’s water around 10am, J managed to remain in his womb for another 12 or so hours.

So, weekend plans went down the drain, but Z and I had previously decided to focus our efforts more on unique experiences and witnessing the start of a human life is one experience I’m woefully under-qualified to provide for her 😉

Mother and child are both home from the hospital now, healthy and happy. So, despite my not becoming a father again there’s now a new baby in my life. Expect to read more baby reviews here at Philaahzophy as X still counts on me to use my Google-fu in order to gather accurate information about products. I’m sure J’s name will pop up on occasion in other fatherhood related posts as well.

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