Oct 032007

September was a pretty good month for my little online empire. Unlike most bloggers who give monthly earnings reports I’m not going to share what I “earned”, but only payments that I actually received this month. You can see my full PayPal proof of payment by clicking here. I do this because internet companies are notoriously prone to failure, and “get paid” sites are all the more so.

In total I received payments of $460.49 for blog posts, reviews, and PTR/PTC programs.

The bulk of this revenue (including ALL of the PayPerPost earnings) was actually earned in August, but a solid 30% plus was earned in September. I really slacked off the last 10 days or so of the month, so it could have been higher as well. Overall, it’s not bad at all. Since I only had about 1/2 month on my day job paycheck it was barely more than double my online earnings. Next month’s should hopefully be close to double the revenue!

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