Sep 292007

Steve from 1 Cool File has recently added a Blog Directory to his amazing software directory. And to promote it he’s been running a contest where one lucky blogger will win $500USD. But that’s not all! He’s only looking for submissions from bloggers who are really serious about their blog, so you’ll also get a chance to win 1 of the 15 Blog Buffet(valued at $11,50USD/each). I already picked up a Blog Buffet for myself (and my daughter purchased one for herself as well. If you’re not ready to commit that much to your blogs yet, there are packages starting from $2.50USD/year/reciprocal link up to $11.50USD for the Blog Buffet(one time fee, unlimited blogs, no reciprocal link).

He’s got a load of ways to enter the contest, but has fewer than a dozen entries at this point! Why? I have no idea. I would have bought my Blog Buffet even without the contest.

If you’re interested in a great way to promote all of your blogs at one low price, or just want the best odds you’re likely to find at $500, then you need to get your entry in today!

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