Sep 262007

Over the last couple of months I’ve been increasingly distressed over the amount of control my 30 year cigarette habit has had over my life.? I’m not stealing car radios or snatching old ladies’ purses to pay for? my habit, but I have been doing things I’d rather not be doing and thinking about my next smoke way too much.? So when I saw a RiteAid ad yesterday showing they had a Buy One Get One Free deal on nicotine patches, gums and lozenges I jumped all over it.? A quick walk down to the store and $80 later I had a month’s worth of 21mg patches and a gross of 4mg nictotine “mints”.

Knowing that the first day is the hardest I continued to smoke throughout the evening and put on my first patch about 9:30pm right before going to bed.? Between the overwhelming nicotine smell, the mental craving to smoke, and the hot flashes I always get when I start with the patch I couldn’t sleep.? But I managed to get a solid 4 hours or so before waking a few hours ago.? And I’m still cigarette free.

I’ve been down this path before.? But here’s hoping this time will be different.? Wish me luck!

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