Sep 262007
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Wow, there’s no need to go blog surfing to find the crazy rant of the day this morning. It was sent directly to me email box, courtesy of John Reese, CEO and Founder of BlogRush. He pummeled all of his early adopters late last night with a seven page, 2500 word rant titled “Shocking Changes at BlogRush”. Makes me all the more proud to have removed the widget from Philaahzophy last week.

Aside from the fact that both the format and the tone of the massive missive was less professional than most of the outright spam I receive on a daily basis, it shows a complete ignorance of the industry in which his site (and supporters) claim he is an expert with vast experience. According to the letter –

We also realize that we completely underestimated the number of
unethical people that would sign up and proceed to CHEAT and try to
‘game’ the BlogRush system. These cheaters ruined the click-rates of
many of our members (and burned through a lot of their credits using
automated ‘exploit’ methods) and hurt BlogRush’s ability to send
maximum traffic to our honest members’ blogs.

Can you say, DUH?!? Not only was this obvious to everyone immediately, but the vast majority of the prelaunch “reviews” written by bloggers pointed this out as well. How experienced or knowledgeable could Mr. Reese be to have not forseen the massive security holes in his system? How ostrich-like must he be to have ignored the literally hundreds of blog posts pointing these security holes out?

He eventually goes on to threaten to track down individual cheaters and sue each and every one of them for damages! But of course, he’s not doing this out of spite, he’s doing it for the children

And a quick word to any ‘cheats’ that might be reading this
letter… it’s very possible that you may come up with something
extremely creative that temporarily gets by us, but you should know
something… IT’S NOT GOING TO BE WORTH YOUR TIME. And I’m not just
talking about the tiny amount of traffic that you’ll receive before
we shut you off.

You see, we have other plans in the works…

If you attempt to cheat or abuse our network in anyway, shape, or
form, we will not hesitate to come after you. Our company is well
funded and has plenty of resources. And we WILL use them to punish
you to the fullest extent of the law (and civil court process). Oh,
you think you can just hide behind some anonymous proxy IPs? Sorry,
it’s not that easy. ANY reason you’d have to try and cheat the
BlogRush network for traffic and any attempt you make to monetize
that traffic will lead directly to your front door — whether it’s
AdSense, any affiliate program in the world, any online pharmacy,
porn site, casino… ANYTHING. We will follow the trail and it WILL
eventually lead to you.

Our hard-working company provides the income for MANY families. As
the CEO of our company, I take this very seriously. I HAVE TO.
People that attempt to abuse or cheat BlogRush are affecting the
livelihood of all my employees and their families. And I will do
everything in my power to protect them — it’s MY DUTY.

So for all you cheaters that joined BlogRush and had your fun trying
to siphon off some traffic, hopefully it was fun. And I’ll go ahead
and make this statement right now… IF you were one of the people
that has been cheating our network I’m going to give you ONE
opportunity… quit now and we’ll pretend it never happened. I
think that’s more than fair.

BUT… if you continue after this point, all bets are off. We WILL
eventually discover what you’re doing, where you’re trying to send
traffic, and we will prosecute you. I GUARANTEE IT. Sorry, but WE

I had no idea that 8 year olds were allowed to claim the title of CEO, but then, I’ve always said everything’s possible on the internet.

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