Sep 242007

Well, I didn’t get to see Z last weekend, and this weekend she had Girl Scouts on Friday and her first concert (w/ her mom) on Sunday, so that left us with just Saturday. I had plans for the whole day, starting with a full round of Disc Golf, then running around San Jose antiquing and just checking out some cool spots. But then it decided to rain. It hasn’t rained in months, but it had to rain on Saturday, for just the one day (there is no more rain forecasted here for at least 10 days). I’m trying really hard to get more outdoor activities for both Z and I to get in better shape, but the world’s just not cooperating 🙁

So, after our traditional Saturday morning breakfast I actually headed South on 101 to finally check out The Red Barn, which is a large red barn just off the highway that houses a small antiques mall. I figured it’s inside, so the rain shouldn’t be a problem, but instead of just having stalls it actually has independent shops. It’s kind of like a small town main street full of antique shops, but all housed inside (thus out of the rain). It wasn’t until we got there that we discovered it was closed. Not sure why, as there was no sign and no one to ask. But plan B tanked as well.? We did get to see a rescue helicopter land, load and take off, though.? But more on that later…

We headed up to San Jose and checked out a few shops there before having an excellent steak dinner at Outback Steakhouse and heading for the day’s big surprise… a sneak preview of The Game Plan starring The Rock and the annoying little girl from Corey In The House. Z has been talking about this film for months now, so getting to see it a week early was a very special treat for her.

Even with the rain and plans A through H all falling through we still managed to have a two thumbs up “weekend”.

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