Sep 202007

One of the reasons I love using Gmail (and recommend it to everyone I know) is because it’s excellent at catching spam and phishing emails. But it sure missed one today-

  date   Sep 20, 2007 2:57 AM  
  subject   Security Alert  

Your account has been randomly flagged in our system as a part of our routine security measures. This is a must to ensure that only you have acces and use of your Google account and to ensure a safe Gmail experience. We require all flagged accounts to verify their information on file with us.
This is the right link for edit account page
After you verify your information, your account shall be returned to good standing and you will continue to have full use of your account. Please note that if you don’t verify your ownership of account in 2 x 24 hours we will block/ susspend your Google account.


The Gmail Team

Yep, somehow a phishing email purportedly from Gmail itself sneaked through their filters.

Phishing emails are fake emails that look to be from a legitimate company you do business with, but are actually from scammers looking to steal your login information. In this case, when you click on the link you’re taken to where it asks you to enter your personal data. Then the scammers can use that data to wreak all kinds of havoc.

Typically these emails pose as banks, PayPal, or eBay. This is the first time I’ve heard of one purporting to be from Gmail. But I doubt it will be the last. Since Gmail has been so good about catching these things in the past I have no doubt many people will assume it’s legit and provide their info.

Always be safe and NEVER click over to any site containing important information from an email link. Always type in the address yourself (or have it in your bookmarks/favorites).

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