Sep 192007

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has been used once again to stifle Free Speech in this supposedly free land of America. According to Wired

YouTube has banned a group called the Rational Response Squad after it complained its videos were being taken down due to spurious DMCA requests from creationists.

The takedown followed copyright requests sent by Creation Science Evangelism Ministries, an organization founded by currently-imprisoned tax evader Kent Hovind. The Squad says the clips comprise material that is either public domain, covered by fair use, or entirely self-produced.

Under the DMCA anyone can claim copyright protection on anything and request that it be removed from third party servers without evidence of any sort. In order for the poster to keep their material online they must prove that the material is NOT protected by copyright. But, we all know, that proving a negative is nigh impossible.
Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty”? It was a wonderful concept, but the expediency of corporate greed has made it irrelevant when it comes to intellectual property. All hail Mickey Mouse, the overlord of all thought and creation!

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