Sep 192007

Philaahzophy crossed another threshold earlier today – I’m now ranked in the top 200,000 blogs at Technorati.? 189,691 to be exact.? While that may not seem like a huge success, I’m proud to say I’ve done so without resorting to Technorati trains or other morally questionable devices intended purely to generate “authority” at their site.? While it does mean that threre are nearly 190,000 blogs they deem more popular than Philaahzophy it also means there are 105.7 million blogs they deem less popular.

It’s never been my goal to be one of the top 100 (or even top 10,000) blogs at Technorati.? I know that I’m unlikely to have that broad an appeal.? But being in the top 100,000 would be quite excellent, I must say.? So I’m doing okay at Alexa, moving up at Technorati.? Now if only that darn Google PageRank update would occur so I could start complaining about having a PR0 blog instead of an unrated one 😉

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