Sep 182007

Today was carpet cleaning day. As a result I needed to get my client out of the apartment for 2-3 hours while the carpets cleaned and what better way to do that then to go to the movies. I managed to convince him to see The Brave One with Jodie Foster as it’s the only movie playing that I felt had a slim chance of being worth the $10 it now costs to see a film on the big screen. I was not disappointed.

The Brave One weighs in at a full 2 hours, but is worth every minute. Many may call this film “slow” and while I won’t actually disagree I think it’s a compliment in this case. It’s slow the same way Hitchcock films are slow. There are no chase scenes or music video editing, but there’s plenty of tension. In fact, it literally mounts throughout the film.

In The Brave One we follow Jodie Foster’s character as she is, first, brutally attacked and her fiance is beaten to death, then she tries to find a path to “recovery”. With the police unable to help she seeks out a gun for protection. of course, Mommy Government has decreed that she has to jump through a thousand hoops and wait 30 days before being allowed to protect herself from the scumbags that it is unable to protect her from. So she buys a gun on the street. I’m no lover of guns. I’ve felt their power on more than one occasion and now refuse to have one in my presence, but… Good for her!

We then ride along as she tries to put her life back together and inadvertently becomes a vigilante. Or is it inadvertent after all? She doesn’t know either, and the filmmakers aren’t giving anything away. instead we just continue to follow her as she does the only things she feels she can. Terrance Howard rides along with us, as a police detective nearing the end of his own rope. He knows less then we do, but starts to put things together as well.

Kudos must be given to Bruce and Roderick Taylor (the screenwriters) for not glamorizing the vigilante while not shying away from its status either. They walked a delicate line in this film, but they did so masterfully.

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