Sep 182007
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I doubt anyone’s paying close enough attention to notice, but I felt the need to remove the BlogRush widget from Philaahzophy this evening. Surprisingly, the reason isn’t even one of those I considered in my early thoughts on the BlogRush. In fact, it actually came through on one of my hopes and I managed to find a couple of new political blogs to peruse on a regular basis. Alas, neither of them actually use the BlogRush widget, but then, why should I be surprised?

I’ve removed it for two reasons-

  1. Since it’s a javascript based widget, there is no actual link love. So, while it’s possible someone might just click over to a post of mine from it, the odds are pretty low. And since it’s not counted as a link I’d be much better off just getting into more blogrolls. (if y’all are interested in being added to mine just drop me a note!)
  2. Of the 12 blogs I’ve clicked over to through the widget only 2 actually had the widget installed. But of all the various blogs I’ve seen in the widget three did, because one was Philaahzophy. Yes, my blog was repeatedly (as in more than 50% of the time) that much slower to load so that I could advertise my own most recent post via this widget. Talk about pointless!

I wish the folx at BlogRush all the best, but they’ve still got a lot of bugs to work out, many of which should have been obvious from the get go.

Part of the Adventures In BlogRushing Series - Previous in series        Next in series

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