Sep 172007

WooHoo!! Every year South Valley Middle School 6th graders have a week-long field trip to Walden West’s Outdoor Science School. With the combination of my financial crisis and her mother’s new baby being due in late October we had decided that Z would not be attending. Well, something changed over the weekend. I’m not sure what, but I’ve learned not to question when my X makes a decision I agree with. From the site-

The Walden West science program emphasizes learning by doing. Students are immersed in activities that stimulate their interest in science and the outdoors. Each child is placed in a field group under the leadership of an environmental education naturalist who is skilled in teaching natural science concepts.

So, instead of being stuck in a classroom doing review she really doesn’t need while the majority of kids are away, Z will be tromping through the forest of the Santa Cruz mountains, probably being rained on. Homesickness was a problem with summer camp, but she’d also been gone to her grandmother’s for two weeks prior to that as well. So, hopefully that won’t be an issue this time. Either way, it’s something she needs to get used to and hands-on science camp is perfect for this inquisitive little girl. I only wish I could attend as well.

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