Sep 172007

It took more than a month, but the last two “paid to blog” companies I applied to finally got back to me. Well, technically, I never heard back from PayU2Blog never got back to me, but their site states that they only contact you if you’ve been accepted.


I registered for Blogsvertise on August 6th. Having not heard anything in over a month I dropped them an email over the weekend to question the situation. This morning I received a response stating that my application has slipped through the cracks of their latest wave of hiring. Oh, and that Philaahzophy had been approved. I also received my first $5 assignment via email. Here’s the requirements that came along with the assignment-

Entry should be at least 2-3 paragraphs unless otherwise specified by the advertiser above.. You can write about whatever you want but it should be something related to the link, and include at least 3 links to the web site in your entry unless otherwise specified by the advertiser above.. Please avoid mentioning blogsvertise in your entry. If you feel obligated to tell the reader, please phrase it as brought to you by your friends at [advertisers-www-website-address] or something similar.

Important Note: Please do not copy and paste content from the website into your blog entry.

I can certainly understand an application slipping through the cracks, so I’ll give them a pass on the delay to get me approved. We shall see how they work out in the long run.


I applied with LoudLaunch on August 15th, received a hype-ish email from them telling them how I could earn even more cash once my blog was approved. But no approval (or rejection) arrived. So they got an email this weekend as well. They replied this afternoon. Unfortunately the only active campaign they had available was marked as “Sorry, campaign out of funds”. I still looked up their requirements again, of course-

Both LoudLaunch and our advertisers have requirements. LoudLaunch requires bloggers to give fair reviews and to add the LoudLaunch Logo to the bottom of the post that will direct readers back to the advertiser’s press release at Advertisers can set limited requirements when creating their campaigns. In general, advertisers’ requirements are limited to adding links or pictures and discussing certain topics in the post.

I also came across this rather interesting item in their FAQ-

Q. Do I have to write a positive review for an advertiser’s campaign?
A. No, we do not allow advertisers to require bloggers to spin their campaigns one way or the other. Advertisers provide the press release for the bloggers to review, provide the information they wish to disseminate, offer links for bloggers to educate themselves, and the rest is up to the bloggers. One of the corner-stone principles of the LoudLaunch network is that the bloggers should and must remain true to themselves, their blog, and their audience.
Q. What happens if I write a lukewarm or negative entry for an advertiser?
A. When you create your post you add the LoudLaunch HTML image tag required for visitor tracking. The first time your post is viewed, the image tracker will notify us that you have posted your entry.

Writing a negative review will not jeopardize your LoudLaunch status. However, advertisers will have the ability to submit feedback on the bloggers posts. This feedback will be used to help monitor our bloggers for professionalism. A pattern of negative feedback or abuse could lead to a review of your blogging status in our network. In our opinion, as long as a blogger is fair and writing without malicious intent there should be no problems with the posts.

I’m not really sure how to take this, but I figure it’s their right to determine who they’ll do business with, just as it’s my right to determine the same thing. In other words, I’ll just keep on giving my honest opinions and if they decide I can no longer server their best interests I’ll gladly move along.

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