Sep 162007

I tend to watch a lot of old movies and television shows, and it seems that everyone used to play the piano. A childhood wasn’t complete without piano lessons according to these aged pieces of celluloid. This, of course, triggers my “bad parent” anxiety and has me wondering if I should have Z taking piano lessons. She’s been in choir for several years now, and was in band last year, so she’s not completely ignorant about the musical world, but piano seems to be to music what Latin is to languages – the base that most others are drawn from.

Of course, the downside to piano lessons is both the cost and the time commitment. But the Piano Chords Blog may just have the solution to both of those problems. Chord Guy’s been posting free piano lessons to this blog since February of 2005, so he’s either incredibly stubborn, or managed to help some people. Although he had some lessons as a child, he states on the blog that he was mostly self-taught from the age of 14. The lessons are easy to read and understand even to a complete musical ignoramus as myself, so I’m sure anyone with even the slightest bit of musical education could absorb knowledge galore.

  4 Responses to “Should Every Child Learn To Play Piano?”

  1. My answer would be yes! because there are so many advantages for doing so. Learning a musical instrument like the piano really helps kids focus. The time now could not be any more relevant with this total saturation by video games. Kids need to direct their energies into a worthwhile pursuit and it seems to help them settle down everywhere else and learn self discipline. Maybe Dad and Mom can learn at the same time.

  2. I would agree to the yes as well! There are a ton of advantages to learning music, and I couldn’t agree more that the piano is to music what Latin if to language….the core, the foundation, the basis for all else. I will definitely be enrolling my son in piano lessons and hope he enjoys music!
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  3. I’d have to say yes as well, I know my 2 love playing the piano and when my youngest is a little older i’m sure he will be taking lessons.

  4. While I think almost every child would benefit from piano lessons, if your daughter is already active in choir & band, she may not benefit much from learning the piano. If it’s something she really wants to do, by all means go for it, but I wouldn’t push her beyond her current musical interests.

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