Sep 162007

According to Wired, Northern California (and Silicon Valley in particular) are supporting Ron Paul in big numbers! It’s nice to see that even in the liberal bastion of San Francisco, people are smart enough to recognize the message of true freedom and liberty regardless of which party name is attached to the messenger-

SAN FRANCISCO — Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul was given a warm reception in this liberal stronghold Thursday as Silicon Valley professionals turned out to support his long-shot campaign.

At a fundraiser at San Francisco’s swanky Palace Hotel, a 40-odd group of Ron Paul supporters paid $500 a head to have breakfast with “Dr. Paul,” as they call him. Outside, a large group of supporters chanted their support. Cars honked, and passers-by joined in the chanting.


Paul is on a fundraising tour of the West Coast this week. On Thursday, Paul spent the morning and lunch in San Francisco, and had plans to meet and greet Silicon Valley supporters in Palo Alto, California, at a $2,000-a-head dinner. In total, the campaign expects to net $100,000 from its Thursday fundraising efforts.

It’s also nice to know my “neighbors” are on the right side of things for once. With California’s primary being moved up to Super Tuesday we’re much more likely to see candidates like Dr. Paul stay in the race. This will be my 6th chance to vote in a Presidential election. But it looks to be the first time I’ll actually have the chance to vote for a candidate I’m excited about. In the past, the few candidates I thought I might be able to support had all dropped out before I even had a chance to cast a ballot with their name on it.

Yes, I’m aware that all the pundits and major media consultants are saying that Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance at winning the Republican primary, much less the general elction. But all I have to say to that is-


They’ve been wrong before!

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