Sep 162007
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The blogosphere is abuzz this weekend about the latest in a long line of traffic exchanges. BlogRush is certainly rushing the blog world this weekend, but who knows how long it will last. Essentially, this is an old school traffic exchange designed specifically for blogs-

  1. You sign up at BlogRush
  2. You insert their widget in your sidebar (mine’s on the right at the bottom 😉 )
  3. The widget displays five posts from fellow BlogRush bloggers in your chosen category
  4. You earn 1 credit every time your widget is loaded
  5. Your blog gets displayed in the widget’s of fellow BlogRush bloggers in your category
  6. You earn credits for displays on blogs you referred to BlogRush (down 10 levels)

The benefits are clear – more free traffic. The cost is free. So what is there to complain about? Well, not much, but I’m going to do it anyway.

  1. You can only pick a single category. Philaahzophy has at least three
  2. is reporting that they received more than 100 visitors from BlogRush before they even joined – make of that what you will
  3. This type of referral system always benefits those in early the most
  4. Despite the hype, there’s nothing new here. Even in the blogosphere, BlogExplosion and BlogMad were doing this years ago. But you don’t see them on the top blogs today, do you? There’s a reason for that.
  5. Since the widget is javascript you won’t be getting any link love from these links.

So, why do I have it in my sidebar? Why not? I chose the Political category so maybe I’ll be able to find some new blogs to do actual real-world link exchanges with.

Part of the Adventures In BlogRushing Series -        Next in series

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