Sep 142007

I was stumbling around the blogosphere when I came across a blog contest to win an 8GB Video Ipod Nano. Ever since buying my daughter the original Video iPod a coupla Christmases ago I’ve wanted to get one for myself. Alas, shortly thereafter I moved which brought me closer to Z, but cut my income dramatically, meaning no iPod for Dad. ::sigh:: Perhaps now my time has come 🙂

But I don’t really want to talk about iPods in this post. I want to talk about the blog that’s holding the contest because it’s actually pretty sweet. It’s Write Now contains “Insights into how to write, and where to publish the content.” Emma’s writing style is very personable and the site is clean and easy to navigate. She’s doing bunches of contests, not just the iPod one I mentioned above, including a “New Word Monday” contest that challenges commentors to use the “new” words she;’s been posting about. But the site also kind of serves as an ongoing Writing Blog Carnival as Emma’s out scouring the blogosphere for the best articles on writing in order to her improve herself, then sharing them with her readers so they can improve themselves as well! It’s a sort of one stop shopping.

There really are VERY few blogs I would dedicate this much space to without some sort of compensation (payment, reviewback, contest, etc. (and no, a site review wasn’t necessary for the iPod contest, just that first paragraph), but I can’t express how glad I am to have found It’s Write Now. I just spent about two hours reading each of the 50 or so posts in th e blog and don’t feel like a single minute of that time was wasted. Honestly, seriously, (adjective that will make you believe me), you need to visit It’s Write Now, RIGHT NOW.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I think I’m blushing. Thanks for the awesome review. It’s nice to get encouragement. Good luck with the contest. 🙂 Emma

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