Sep 142007

Imagine if you had two-tier LIFETIME referral earnings in ClickBank from their very first day?

Well, DealDotCom could be even bigger given the experience of its founders.

They’re using the business model proven by such sites as and, but bringing it to Internet Marketing products. Official launch date is Tuesday, 9/18 and you NEED to be in on the ground floor of this one. The affiliate “big boys” are already on it.

Essentially, every day they will offer up a special deal on a top-tier internet marketing program. DealDotCom is going to be the first stop of the day for anyone interested in affiliate marketing, and this is your chance to get a cut of every product your downline buys from them – for life.

Whenever you refer someone to DealDotCom via your handy-dandy affiliate link, you get paid 35% of DealDotCom’s profit for every item that they buy. If someone you referred to DealDotCom refers someone else, you get paid 15% of DealDotCom’s profit every time they buy something for the rest of your life.

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  1. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately) deal of the day died a quick death!

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