Sep 142007

South seems more and more likely to be the “destination” of our next journey with San Diego, CA as a possible spot to relax for a few days before heading into the overheated desert of the Southwest. Or, possibly as a cool down on the way back. After all, what better way to ease back into reality after the grandeur of the Grand Canyon then to give Z her first surfing lessons on the very same beaches I learned myself?

Yeah, I spent my high school years in north San Diego County, so I could show her the school that made me what I am today (despite my parent’s expectations), wander the beaches I explored in my youth, visit the future site of the world’s first Nickelodeon Resort (built on the site of the Naval Training Center where my father worked while I was in high school), and visit the current site of Legoland (a site I visited when it was a “future site” as well).

  One Response to “Road Trip Thoughts On Future (and Past Future) Sites”

  1. You should definetly head down south. You know you guys would have at least one free couch to stay on. Check out to remind you of all the great things there are to do down here, then don’t forget to let me know when your coming!!!!

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