Sep 132007

Tuesday marked six weeks that I’ve been providing sponsored content for PayPerPost. Seems like a good time for a status report. In those 42 days I’ve accepted 37 opportunities with PayPerPost and earned $270.91. This is more than double what I’ve earned in the same time period, not just from other paid to blog companies, but from any other efforts to monetize this blog. It also doesn’t come close to the thousands that sites like Problogger and John Chow earn each month. But Philaahzophy still has no Google PageRank, a mid-to-poor Alexa rating, and few backlinks. In other words, I’m “the little guy”.

Life may be a bowl of cherries at PPP, but that still means I’ve got to deal with the pits. While there’s a strong community of “posties” elitism runs rampant amongst its members. Not too surprising given the fact that the one thing they all have in common is that they’re bloggers. Bloggers (myself included) are people who, by definition, believe they have something worthwhile to say – that their thoughts and opinions are of interest to others. What’s much more disturbing is the sense of entitlement so many of these bloggers have. This became all the more evident last week when PPP changed their terms of service. A hue and cry arose amongst the postie community, whose feathers were ruffled because they felt PPP was trying to control their blogs. Apparently, it never occurred to these posties that they were completely free to stop taking PPP’s money if they didn’t like the strings attached to it. They felt they were owed paid blogging opportunities simply due to their superior writing skills. Makes me wish I had the cash to post a $50 opp requiring they write a detailed review of how a free market actually works. Maybe they’d actually learn something worthwhile.

In addition to the revenue and the drama there’s a fair amount of good advice coming from the postie community, as well as link love, the Postie Carnival, contests and more. I still haven’t decided if I should attend PostieCon after the drunken orgy ads I wrote about a couple weeks back. It’s really a mixed bag at the moment, but still a net-positive for Philaahzophy.

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