Sep 112007

Remember that light I saw at the end of the tunnel? Turns out it was just some phosphorent rock or sumthin’, cause it sure as heck wasn’t the end of the dark, dark tunnel. I wrote a while back about the wheel bearings going out on Rover (my truck), well he’s had more problems since then. For several weeks I’ve needed to turn the steering wheel to get the ignition to start, but on Monday this trick stopped working – ironically while I was picking up the payday advance to cover the wheel bearing work I had done.

Some ‘net research has made me pretty confident that it’s the ignition actuator as these are commonly known to go out on late-80s Broncos like Rove. The part only costs $10-$30, but the entire steering column needs to be removed to access the damn thing. Labor cost – $400. So I’ve been just jumping the solenoid to get Rover goin’. I have no idea when I’ll have a “spare” $400 sittin’ around to get him fixed.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, when I awoke this morning I discovered my computer was off (I always leave it on) and wouldn’t start! I may not know squat about cars, but I do know a thing or two about the inside of a computer and there ain’t no actuator in there. Turns out it was the power supply. I shouldn’t be surprised as the 2-year warranty expired exactly 10 days ago. So, I had to drop $40 on a new power supply just to get back online and try to earn the money back.

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