Sep 102007

According to Reuters, a woman in Beijing was “fired for talking back to her boss.” Why, exactly is this news? Why don’t we have news reports about the millions of other people who were fired today?

What’s that? You say, it’s a stupid reason to fire an employee? Possibly, but if that’s the case then the business will suffer for it and, ultimately, fail unless they change their ways. Hmm? It’s not fair? Why not? We’re talking about a private business voluntarily spending their money to employ this woman. She’s voluntarily accepting their money in return for doing what they ask of her. She refused to do that any more (by violating the policy against “talking back to superiors”). There is no reason she should keep her job.

You want to know why I’m not standing up for her Freedom of Speech? Of course, I support her right to Freedom of Speech, but that’s not really relevant here. Again, this is a private business. by entering their private property you agree to be bound by their rules. No one prevented her from speaking her mind, her employer just exercised their right to revoke her employment privileges.

This is really simple, people. When she accepted the position she accepted the terms of a contract. She would be paid X amount in exchange for following the rules the company laid out. She breached that contract by violating its rules. Since contract law is the only legitimate law, she’s the ‘criminal’ here.

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