Sep 102007

Internet Marketer Pedro Sardinha announced the winners of his Visit Portugal contest today. It turns out my musing on Exploring Portugal were deemed worthy and I was a winner of $10 which arrived in my PayPal account this very afternoon.

Apparently, one of the winners didn’t have a valid PayPal address,so their prize will be given to the first person to post a picture of Pedro’s hometow, Serapicos. Kind of like this one of Serapicos At Night-

Serapicos At Night

Thanks again, Pedro! You come from an amazingly beautiful country!

  2 Responses to “Travel Dreams Bring Cold Hard Cash”

  1. Congratulations on your $10!

  2. travelling to protugal is a good idea. i have been wishing i could do it next year vacation. by the way congratulation on winning the internet marketing proze

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