Sep 102007
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The get paid for blogging field becomes more crowded every month, which is a great thing for bloggers. It allows us more freedom to find a company that has the right balance of service, opportunities, and restrictions for each individual blog. Smorty is one of my favorite blog for money companies. They have found a balance that fits with the balance I try to find everywhere in my life.

Smorty doesn’t have the most opportunities in the blog advertising community, but they are generally quality assignments. Despite Philaahzophy still not having a Google PageRank, the least we’ve been offered by Smorty has been $6.00 for 150 word post. The only thing I find odd at Smorty is that they have a maximum 400 word count for reviews. I’m not sure what the motivation for this is, but given the frequency of complaints I read from the upper echelon paid bloggers about “high” word counts of 200, I doubt it will be a problem for most. Smorty pays weekly, not after 30 days like other companies, and if you check my Proof of Payments page you will see that they have paid me.

The largest criticism leveled against those of us who get paid for blogging has been that we “can’t be honest” if we’re getting paid for it. Despite the patronizing and snobbish tone of such a statement, many people believe it. Well, at Smorty I have yet to see a paid blogging offer that required a positive tone. Every other get paid to blog company I’ve seen frequently has such opportunities in their marketplaces. Smorty advertisers are just looking for honest opinions, which is what blogging, paid or otherwise, is really supposed to be about.

Part of the Smorty Series -        Next in series

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  1. ive joined smorty just a month ago and all’s doing good for me except that there are not that many offers. i did not notice about the maximum 400 words. that’s strange, because advertisers love long reviews. Make Money Online

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  3. Smorty is a great program despite the fact that it pays only $6 at the beginning. One can make money with its affiliate program as well.

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