Sep 082007

This was a short “weekend” with Z. Since her Mom signed her up for Saturday morning tennis lessons and Z has Girl Scout meetings on Friday evenings I’m picking her up late Saturday morning instead of Friday afternoons every couple of weeks now. She’s supposed to stay with me on Sunday’s then as well, but her Mom’s baby shower is, of course, scheduled for tomorrow, so no go on that either. ::sigh::

I’ve been trying to find something competitive in nature that Z could participate in to help her learn what she, as an individual, is capable of. Almost all of her current activities are group ones, meaning that if anything is accomplished, it was the group that accomplished it. Even when she’s acting solo the only measure of success is truly subjective, meaning praise is common but obvious progress is not really possible.

This weekend we decided to explore disc golf. We’d stumbled across several differnt local courses during various adventures, including one in San Luis Obispo on our first roadtrip last year. Last week, while at the boardwalk we found a standard frisbee, and disc golf courses are (almost) all free, so it seemed the perfect time to explore this sport.

We headed off straight after tennis and visited the Hellyer Park Disc Golf Course in San Jose. Unfortunately, the local club (Silicon Valley Disc Golf Club) plays their monthly tourney the second Saturday of each month. Oops! Luckily, they were all friendly folx and didn’t mind a couple of 100% rookies playing a few holes that weren’t currently being used.

We had a lot of fun, though watching the regulars play was pretty damn intimidating. These guys are good! Still, the point isn’t for Z to necessarily get good enough to beat any of the vets, it’s just for her to see measurable improvement. While she and I may enter an occasional disc golf tournament, we’ll really be playing against ourselves.

Taking a little break we headed off the course to find a safe place to sit and came across this-

Doggie Drinking Fountain

I must admit, I was stumped. I’ve seen kid’s height fountains before, but this thing is literally inches from the ground. Z, however, showed her wisdom instantly by cooing about how cute the doggie drinking fountain is. :shock:After a few more holes of golf we headed off to Mel Cotton’s to check out their selection of discs and accessories. They’ve got about 100 different discs, some bags and t-shirts. Not surprisingly, Z managed to find a “must have” for her very first disc-
Z's First Disc

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