Sep 072007
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A few hours ago I checked in on my Yuwie account only to find that I’ve now got a 10th level referral! WooHoo! Now I just need to make it a little broader. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about see my post on Yuwie – The MySpace That Pays.

Here are my stats for August-

You 10% 552 $0.03
Level 1 10% 3,726 $0.18
Level 2 10% 1,406 $0.07
Level 3 4% 152 $0.00
Level 4 4% 84 $0.00
Level 5 4% 67 $0.00
Level 6 4% 0 $0.00
Level 7 4% 0 $0.00
Level 8 10% 0 $0.00
Level 9 10% 0 $0.00
Level 10 30% 0 $0.00
Totals: 5,987 $0.28

You can see I didn’t earn much, but the key figures to look at are where my earnings are coming from. I only earned $0.03 from my personal activity which is not surprising because I pretty much detest social networking sites. The other $0.25 all came from the activity of my referrals. Only one week into September I have 10 more referrals and have already been credited for 4,649 referral views.

Meanwhile Yuwie has gone from 20,000 members to more than 60,000! This is truly a growth site, and if you’re interested in earning online, social networking, or Web 2.0 then you really need to be a member.

Special Bonus

The next five people to sign up for Yuwie in my downline will receive FREE advertising of their Yuwie referral URL! That’s right, instead of promoing my own URL, I’ll promote yours instead, essentially getting you FREE referrals that will be earning for both of us! Just a little jump start for your own recruiting efforts!

In order to take advantage of this offer you just need to join with this link and make sure that your referrer (or upline) is listed as Aahz Then leave a comment on this post with your Yuwie username as well as your referral URL. I’ll reply to let you know where and when your ad is running.

Part of the Yuwie Series - Previous in series        Next in series

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