Sep 072007
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If you are a member of the sponsored blog post company, Smorty and are wondering why you it’s so hard to get assignments there I may have an answer for you.

On the main opportunities page is the following notice-

Important notice about campaign notification emails
New campaigns are emailed to all suitable bloggers. This does not mean that you will definitely find the campaign in your admin panel. Opportunities are taken quickly and it is up to you to log in and accept the task before all opportunities are taken.

They certainly aren’t kidding. Yesterday evening I checked in at Smorty and found a new opportunity. I accepted it, ate dinner, watched Big Brother, then wrote up my review and posted it around 9:30pm. Today at 5:01pm I received an email from Smorty letting me know that there was a new opportunity available.

I don’t know what time the opportunity went live, and I don’t know if it was still available at 5:00 tonight, but a 24 hour delay between posting the opp and getting out the email isn’t really very helpful in today’s sponsored post environment.

Part of the Smorty Series - Previous in series        Next in series

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  1. […] Smorty – Limitations: One post reserved at a time Time To Write: Seventy-two hours Smorty is an interesting company in that each blogger receives a “Smorty Score” which is based, at least in part, on how quickly and accurately the bloggers perform on the opportunities they accept. With a full three days to write each post and only about one new opportunity per week it should never be difficult to get posts written on time. But before you accept an opportunity make sure you are going to do it, because expired posts can do some serious damage to your Smorty Score. The important thing to remember about Smorty is that even though they (usually) send out an email when a new opportunity is available these seldom arrive in time for people to actually reserve the opportunity. In other words, don’t count on their emails! […]

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