Sep 062007

While wandering the net this evening I came across a blog called GPT Insider. Intrigued, I clicked over only to find that the author, Heather, seems to actually have little or no indside information on the Get Paid To world. Rather, she seems to be just another GPT member trying to eke out a little extra cash online, and she’s only posted 5 times in the last three months, to boot. 😥

I did however, find a very interesting story in one of her first blog posts-

One thing about Internet marketing is that we really don’t see the trickle down effect that fraud has on every day ordinary people trying t0 feed their families. What I am talking about is that I see members constantly complaining and saying things like “Well, they are a huge corporation, they can afford to give me 1.00!” They simply do not get that there is more to it than that. Here is an example I ran across last week:

I have been having some serious connection issues that we finally concluded were related to the 50+ year old wiring in our house. While working on one of the sites, I came across an offer that paid 1.00 to request information from a large general contracting firm. “Great, I thought. I can make a buck and maybe even get an electrician out here to see what the problem is.” I filled out the simple online form, was promptly credited my buck and went on with my day. Later that evening I got a call from an electrician. We talked briefly about the problem and I asked him to give me a ballpark figure. I quickly realized that this project was going to go way over my budget, which I politely told him. He was very understanding. He is an electrician working here in a small town in Maine, and it I knew it would not even be worth the time and gas money for him to come out to look for himself. So, this wonderful gentleman proceeded to give me a 20 minute step by step tutorial over the phone of exactly how we could fix the problem ourselves, right down to the names of the products we would need to purchase at Home Depot. I was very grateful and at the end of the conversation he asked me if I could do him one simple favor. He asked me to send him 10.00 if his directions worked and we were able to repair it ourselves. He then went on to explain that the lead (me) he had obtained through the contracting company had cost him $10.00. WHAT?!?!?!?!? I nearly fell off my chair. This man spent 10.00 obtaining a useless lead, and I made 1.00 and got free advice from an electrician. I don’t have to tell you that I felt terrible (and yes, I am sending him the ten bucks.) but this is one of the many problems that plague our industry. It is the lack of education of why we are doing what we do and how it affects people on the other end. Should we just stop working on GPT sites. NO!!!! But we should at least take the time to know why we are doing what we are doing and educate our referrals so that we or they do not unintentionally fraud the system, thus hurting the industry as a whole.

It’s a compelling story, and one that every GPT member should reread before they create multiple email accounts to sign up for the same offers they have no intention of following through on, or blindly click on PTR and PTC ads. If you’re not interested, don’t click. There is someone spending their hard earned money to put that ad in front of you.

  2 Responses to “The Other Side Of The GPT Equation”

  1. Outstanding post! I’m actually on both sides of the equation working 3 jobs and raising funding through GPT sites for advertising (also using GPT sites.) It’s surreal. You have a wonderful site – very well thought out. I’ve added you to my blog roll. Have a good weekend.

  2. Sorry it took me so long to reply, Mari, but I wanted to get something done on the blog first. I now have things set up so that those only interested in a single category can subscribe specifically to that category’s RSS feed. You can see the options at my Category RSS Feeds page. So, if you’re just interested in the Earning posts you can subscribe to them directly and not have to read about my weekend adventures with Z (for example).

    In other news, I checked out your blog and found it very useful. You’ve got some very big plans there and I look forward to seeing where you go with it! I’ve added you to my “Earning Blogs” blogroll as well.

  3. […] a fan of Get Paid To Sign Up sites for a number of reasons. My primary reason is that I understand the other side of the GPT equation. However, I know many of you are devotees of the GPT world, so I’m still happy to bring you […]

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