Sep 062007

Part of my job is to escort my clients to their various doctors appointments. This means I frequently find myself in doctors waiting rooms for several hours at a time. Obviously, I always take a book to read, but books aren’t exactly cheap, and I’m a pretty fast reader, so this can quickly suck up a fair chunk of my paycheck.

In order to save money while simultaneously broadening my own horizons I’ve taken to scouring the aged magazines found in most waiting rooms for interesting things to read. Occaisionally, I find something truly unique amongst the old copies of Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated. Today was such a day…

I lucked into the February/March 2007 issue of Farm & Ranch Living. Being a city boy from birth, I was totally unaware that such magazines existed. It made for fascinating reading. For example, did you know that “hay” could be used as a verb? As in, “Finding A Better Way To Hay” which was the title of the editorial in this particular issue. It also included articles on how making maple syrup helps hold one family together, several articles on collectors of farm toys, a couple of articles on training and raising horses, and four diaries, which were my favorite part.

Every month Farm & Ranch Living solicits full month diaries from people living on and working farms around the country. They write a short introduction and then a small paragraph covering what they did each day in the month. These offer a very real look into lifestyles that are as fascinating as they are foreign to me.

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