Sep 042007

Better late than never, I suppose. This is the first time I’ve ever even considered running a blog carnival, so please forgive the fact that I’ve gotten off to a rocky start. Regardless, we’ve got some great submissions lined up for y’all. The idea is to collect links to the month’s best articles and blog posts about the GPT/PTR/PTC industry into one location. Since this is the first edition we’ve gone back further than a month in some cases, and we’re still pretty small. Anyway, on to the Carnival itself…

Our first submission comes from Jay at Online Opportunity and is succinctly named Traffic Exchange Tips in which he shares five superb (and often overlooked) tips for maximizing the usage of traffic exchanges in advertising your programs.

RainQueen21 from Mommy’s Make Money weighs in with 3 Common Affiliate Mistakes I’ve Seen… that apply to PTR/PTC programs as well as affiliate programs. In researching the feasibility of this carnival I came across literally hundreds of PTR and PTC blogs that can really use this advice.

My own submission this month, Why I Still Do PTR/PTC Programs, gives tips on making the most of your computer time. How better than Paid To Click ads to monetize the few seconds between page loads or program openings?

Coming in just under the wire (thanks to my tardiness), is Attribution Theory by Nenad over at Money Consciousness. Attribution Theory states that our actions and results are determined by the explanations that we attach to the events in our lives.

The deadline for The Get Paid to Read / Click / Surf Carnival – Volume Two is 12:0am (PST) on Monday October 1st. Submissions should be made through our page at (linked above) or emailed directly to Full Details and rules can be read here.

  3 Responses to “The Get Paid to Read / Click / Surf Carnival – Volume One”

  1. Thanks for doing this carnival! I found the other posts very interesting. I’ll look forward to the next carnival.

  2. There are too much scams in the GPT industry 🙁

  3. If you think there are too many scams in the GPT industry then why does your name link to a video about such programs?

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