Sep 042007

There’s a new PTR in town that seems like it was tailor-made for me. The name certainly caught my attention, Another Crappy PTR, but their credo on the homepage really sold me. You can read it in its entirety at the above link, but the line that sold me was “All your paid emails will have a piece of ptr history in the top of them so reading emails is more interesting for the members.” Their first admin message does a great job of outlining what sets them apart from other online earning programs-

Administrative Message #1 – Welcome

Thank you for signing up for this site. We have named our upgrades after thief’s, felons, and scammers of the paid to read business. Not to make fun but to actually say we know who you are and we are fighting back. If we have some fun in the process and show new people and old the history good and bad of paid to read maybe we can change the future of this business.

I plan on purchasing the auto suspender to make sure these type of people (scammers, cheats and other misfits) don’t ruin the program. There will be games eventually added.

In each email I on a weekly basis I will add some piece of history to the paid email templates. So as you click you learn more about this business.

I have many more ideas and thank you again for joining. Be sure to check out the upgrades!


The site owners have been around the PTR community for quite some time and run about a dozen programs total. They’re clearly committed to cleaning up the PTR world as well as educating its membership. All the while generating income for its members. They’re only a few days old at this point (I was member #25), but they’re drawing advertisers even with a tiny user base and their has nearly 2,000 members, so it should grow pretty quick. The bullet points-

  • Two referral levels – 20% / 5%
  • All emails 1/4c to 5c
  • $0.10 signup bonus

Special bonus

The first two people to join under my referral link and comment on this post, will have THEIR referral links advertised by me for at least 2,000 clicks!

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