Sep 042007

Every year in the past my daughter has essentially picked my Halloween costume. This is because she, her little brother, and their three closest friends always go with a specific theme and should I choose to trick-or-treat with them (which I always do), then I needed to fit their theme. Last year I got pretty lucky as the theme was the Scooby Doo Gang. This year, however, they’ve decided to break from tradition, leaving me on my own to figure out a costume. This is both good and bad. As if suddenly having to come up with my own costume wasn’t enough I just heard about an awesome Halloween costume contest being sponsored by the folx at Star Costumes

They want to see what you’d wear to the 2007 Voodoo Music Entertainment Event in New Orleans on Halloween weekend. And they’re giving the Grand Prize Winner:

  • 2 three day passes to the Voodoo Music Experience
  • $1000 for travel & lodging
  • and
  • $100 to

All you’ve got to do to enter the contest is submit a photo or video of your costume (or the deign for it if it’s not yet complete). In addition to the Grand Prize, they’re also giving out three $100 gift certificates to

I’ve already submitted my costume from last year. It was so good it made Velma flip her wig!

It also inspired me to write the following limerick-

This picture I thought you would dig
It’s of Velma flipping her wig
With Scooby on The Vortex
She hurt her cerebral cortex
And lost her brainy girl gig

As for this year’s costume… I’m open for suggestions!

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  1. […] costumes and masks are not permitted (strange, they didn’t say anything when we showed up as Scooby Doo and Velma to ride Vortex a couple years back) , but a great time should still be had by all and this is Cedar Fair’s […]

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