Sep 032007

While running errands on Friday morning with one of my clients, the “buzzing” that Rover (which is what Z named my Ford Bronco) was joined by a clanking noise. It just got worse when I went to pick Z up that afternoon and my most mechanically knowledgeable friend couldn’t really diagnose the problem. So I turned to Google and self-diagnosed it as the bearings going bad in the front right wheel. A little more research on the problem got me paranoid that the wheel was going to fall off while I was on the freeway. Not good.

So, Saturday morning Rover went to the vet (mechanic) and I spent the money set aside for the car loan payment on getting the bearings replaced. Very not good.

With roughly 3/4 of Saturday wasted waiting for the mechanics to fix Rover I asked Z what she wanted to do when we picked him up. Without pause, she replied: Boardwalk. I’m not sure why she’s been so obsessed with the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk lately (she just went with a friend last week as well), but since I got her a Season pass for her last birthday it wouldn’t cost too much and would give me plenty of miles to determine just how healthy Rover was, now.

It’s incredibly hard for me to not spend money at the Boardwalk (or any amusement park), but Z helped keep me in budget. Once darkness fell, she had the Double Shot on her list of rides, so we decided to record the view for posterity:

It’s not very good video as it’s off her cell phone, but it still gives you a general idea of what the Boardwalk looks like at night while riding the Double Shot.Shortly before returning home we found an abandoned Frisbee on the grass outside the main arcade. We used to have a cheapie promotional Frisbee from Home Depot, but this was a full size “Disc Golf” flying disc. Z had never really thrown a Frisbee around before, so I got to try to teach her how. I never realized how complex relatively “simple” sports activities are. Trying to explain how to throw a Frisbee confused the heck out of me. But Z did pretty good. The only real problem is that she’s still scared of getting hit, so catching is a serious problem.

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