Aug 302007

Coke ZeroCoke zero , Coca-Cola’s Real Taste, Zero Sugar soft drink, has a new website that allows you to make your own short film and send it to friends. It’s as easy as typing in your own dialog to match one of the five old movie clips they’ve made available for your use. You can choose from a wife preparing her husband to leave the home, a man defending his actions of the night before, a woman signing an unknown contract, a couple sharing a secret or a young man publicly humiliating his young lady.

You simply choose which clip you’d like to use, enter a name, type in your dialog, and enter the email address(es) of the friends you’d like to send the movie to. It will also be added to the “Get A Taste Of Life As It Should Be” website for other visitors to watch and vote on it. Sure, it’s not exactly On The Lot, but it’s still a fun way to kill a few minutes on the web.

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