Aug 302007

In the past I’ve pretty much avoided watching Big Brother. Not because I hate reality TV, but because it requires too much of a commitment. Three hours a week? Split over three days? Come on already! Does no one in America have a life? Well, this summer I didn’t have one either, so I joined in the fun. It’s been fascinating and I find myself strategizing, cheering and booing right along with the masses.

But then tonight… with less then 3 weeks left until the winner is declared, on Live Eviction Night, my local CBS affiliate preempted Big Brother 8 in order to show some ridiculous pre-season football game! Say what? Why is tape-delayed football (with zero impact on anything) more important than a Live reality show I’ve already committed something like 30 hours (plus random internet time) keeping up with?!? Aaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!

Luckily, the internet came to my rescue. Right on the official CBS BB8 message boards I was able to find a link to a site that was streaming their local feed over the net for all to see. I love the internet :mrgreen:

  One Response to “Reason #12,994 To Hate Football, But Love The Internet”

  1. Football is only a game where you can see team spirit. Where everyone try to give his/her best…
    I love Football

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