Aug 302007

I know that as a lover of Freedom I really shouldn’t be rooting for any evil empire, but this is just way too cool. The folx over at Enwikopedia are starting off their new site with a bang by offering one lucky promoter a free 2GB Darth Vader Mimobot USB Flash Drive! Forget about that little R2D2 Mimobot we talked about previously. Enwikopedia knows where the true power lies and they’re willing to share it with you just for promoting them in your blog. What could be better then that?

By now, you’re probably wondering what, exactly Enwikopedia is. Once I stopped giggling I was as well. Essentially, they’re the anti-wikipedia. They’re a “paid encyclopedia”. That’s right, not a “pay to use” encyclopedia, or a free encyclopedia, but a “pay for inclusion” encyclopedia. An intriguing idea to say the least and I wish them all the luck in their endeavors, while wishing myself the luck in their little Vader contest.

  3 Responses to “More Star Wars Geekery”

  1. Thanks mate! You’re spot on about the anti free-to-update wikipedia thingy. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the heads up. That is a cool Star Wars item they are giving away.

    Rons last blog post..Star Wars games PC Mac

  3. I saw a stormtrooper flashdrive….goes well with the Vader one.

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