Aug 302007

If you’re reading this then you clearly own a computer and have an ISP to provide an internet connection. But do you own an iPhone, iPod, GPS, Playstation or Nintendo? How about a toaster, dishwasher or microwave? If you do, I’ll bet you have an opinion, good or bad, on each of these things as well. Would you like to make $20 in the next few days just for writing up those opinions? Then read on. is a new site, currently in Beta, dedicated to making everyone’s shopping experience, both online and off, easier and more rewarding. They’ll do this by sharing the experiences real people, like you, had with pretty much any product or service that peole are willing to write about. Of course, they’re not going to just ask you to share your experiences and receive nothing in return. They’re willing to pay you to review your cell phone, DVDs, books, credit cards, home mortgage, or video game console. Reviews don’t need to be positive (or negative), they just need to be honest accounts of your experience with a product or service. You don’t even need to still own or use it! Some of the most useful reviews to people are the ones explaining what not to purchase.

Sure, there are plenty of places on the internet that you can review products: built one of the largest companies in the world on the backs of user reviews. The internet movie database,, couldn’t exist without user reviews, and eBay thrives due to it’s feedback system which is essentially a mini-review. But none of those multi-billion dollar companies actually share any of their profits with the people writing those reviews. There are even websites like Epinions, Ciao and Dooyoo that will pay you a few cents (maybe) for your reviews that manage to fight their way to the top of the heap. But you’ll never know how much you’re going to earn on those reviews until well after they’re written.

The latest twist in the online review market is being paid to blog about products and companies through services like PayPerPost, ReviewMe, and the dozens of similar services that have popped up in the last year. Of course, to take advantage of these services you not only have to have your own blog, but specific traffic levels, not to mention good Google PageRank and Alexa scores. Even then you’re limited to how many reviews you can write, the topics to write about, and even the content of your posts in many cases. You’ve also got to ensure that you have enough non-sponsored posts to keep your blog from looking like a pure advertising channel.

SharedReviews bypasses all of these problems. You can write a review on just about anything you want. Greeting cards? Check. Chocolate? Check. Toys, sporting goods, lawn care equipment, whatever you own. Just take a quick look around you and imagine all of the things about which you could share your experiences. I did mention that they’d pay you for your efforts, didn’t I? Well, during their beta they will pay you a $10 flat fee for every 5 reviews you write. Once they go into full launch mode you’ll also earn residual revenue for the life of the site on reviews you’ve written in the form of an advertising revenue share. There is no limit to the number of reviews you can write per day, week or year. Though there is a $100 cap on the beta earnings per person there is no cap on the long term earnings of your reviews.

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