Aug 282007

I came across Gadget Girl Accessories as a result of her August Contest for a print subscription to Blogger & Podcaster Magazine. And just in the nick of time as well, since today is the last day to enter!

I bookmarked her, however, because, along with a friend, she’s working her way through the 101 Steps To Becoming A Better Blogger from LifeHack. It’s great to follow along as someone systematically works their way through a list such as this because not only does she report on exactly what each step involves (or doesn’t in the case of Step #6 Submit Your Blog To 9Rules) but we get to see just what effect each of these steps is having on her blog. I may just have to blog my way through the list at a future point myself, though right now my plate’s a bit too full.

But that’s not all Gadget Girl’s got up her virtual sleeve. As the name implies, she also regularly reviews nifty gadgets (always a favorite), as well sharing nifty finds from around the net in general and the blogosphere in general. The site is cleanly designed, and her writing style is both accessible and enjoyable. Definitely somewhere I feel comfortable dropping by to say “Hi” every day or two.

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  1. Thanks for entering August’s contest. There will definitely be something this month, I just don’t have the post all together yet. I’m a slacker, what can I say?

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