Aug 282007

As usual, The Beatles said it best-

Let me tell you how it will be
There’s one for you, nin’teen for me
Cause I’m the tax man
Yea I’m the tax man

Apparently not satisfied with simply stealing the people’s money and giving it to the government, a French tax official created a phantom identity as a professor to bilk the government out $820,000 over 15 years as well.? Details on whether or not he actually paid the taxes on the professor’s $55,000 annual salary were not available from the original Reuters story, or any other source we could uncover.

Budget Minister Eric Woerth, however, declared in a statement that Education Ministry officials had uncovered the scam in June and begun legal and disciplinary action immediately.? I wonder how much more that “legal and disciplinary action” action is going to cost the French taxpayers.

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