Aug 272007
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As you may or may not know, the wonderful dollars that we all work so hard to earn really only represent the “full faith and credit” of the United States Government. In other words, they hold no value whatsoever outside of whatever the federal government decides they’re worth. Sure, the market can influence their value to a certain degree, but since they aren’t backed by any tangible, limited resource, the government can always just print more, thus devaluing each existing bill (or electronic representation thereof). This is called inflation.

And the best hedge against inflation is buying precious, real world, tangible commodities such as silver. Monex wants to help you with that. The Monex companies have been a leader in precious metals investments for more than 30 years. They not only allow you to purchase silver for immediate delivery so that you can secure it or store it however you wish, but also offer safe, convenient storage at a secure facility. Silver can be purchased in .999 fine bullion bars (1,000 ounce units), or as actual silver coins.

With above ground stockpiles of silver bullion decreasing since demand is outstripping supply, purchasing silver will not only act as a hedge against inflation, but is also a sound investment. And, should the coming monetary crisis that so many are predicting come to pass, you’ll be prepared with something of intrinsic value to secure the goods and services that you require.

Part of the Applied Anarchy Series - Previous in series        Next in series

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